Do Life Coaches Work?

life coaching in action

Do Life Coaches Work?

A results life coach is a professional who assists you to identify your goals as well as come up with an actionable plan on how you can achieve the goals. While the life coaching industry is likely to sound like a truly foreign concept to some, the reality is that you need the insight, objective perspective, and experience offered by a life coach. life coaching in action

Life Coaches

According to Arfaq Hussain, coaching isn’t just for pro athletes; business professionals, executives, CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs all need the input of a life coach. What exactly is the role of a life coach and what coaching practices do they do? Well, a life coach gets to help you to learn how to maximize your potential in a bid to achieve the results you truly desire.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

The definition of a life coach varies. Different people get to define them differently depending on what they would like to achieve. But their main purpose is to counsel and encourage their clients on a broad range of issues (for both personal development and professional coaching). However, you need to note that life coaching is very different from administering therapy, giving advice, mentoring, counselling, and consulting.

You can hire a life coach to assist you with transitions, personal goals, and specific professional projects. The coach will help you to grow by looking at your situation and critically analysing it. Their analysis is meant to identify beliefs that may be limiting you, obstacles that you face daily, and other potential challenges you are likely to face in your path.

Once the analysis is complete, the coach helps you to come up with an actionable plan that is purposely meant to assist you to get a good outcome. The relationship between the lifestyle coach and the client can be described as a creative partnership that seeks to:

• Foster your accountability to enhance productivity

• Identify, clarify, and come up with a vision for what you want

• Develop and evoke a strategy as well as a plan of action that is based on what fits your vision, personality, and goals.

• Encourage your growth and discovery

All these aspects of the life coaching process all work together to assist you to maximize your potential. Studies have indicated that training and coaching is a combination that is far more efficient as opposed to using training alone. When used alone, training can enhance productivity by around 22.4 percent.

On the other hand, when it’s combined with day-to-day coaching, your productivity will be boosted by up to 88 percent.

What Can a Life Coach Do for You?

As established earlier, the life coach can assist you to excel in different areas of your life. Steps that you are likely to take when working with a life coach will include:

• Articulating core values

• Obtaining life/work balance

• Managing a business transition or an important part of your life

• Learning to communicate in a more efficient manner

• Starting or growing a business

• Fostering your personal and professional connections

• Achieving your fitness/weight loss goals

Why Choose to Work with a Life Coach?

Individuals hire life coaches because they want to be in a position to achieve more in the future, as they are not in a position to do so today. These are people who would like to see more growth as they strive to improve their output. In most cases, they want to do things to the best of their abilities.

All types of individuals work with life coaches. From actors to small business owners, homemakers to creatives, executives to entrepreneurs. These are all people who have been able to identify a gap that is present between where they are right now and where they would like to see themselves tomorrow.

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