When do you ask for help? Anxiety / Depression Part 2

When do you ask for help? Anxiety / Depression Part 2

by Arfaq Hussain Part 2

Various therapy types can include hypnotherapy as well as the more traditional forms of counselling through discussion. It’s vital that you research more about different therapy types on offer, so to help you get started next month’s blog will focus on those different therapy types, their treatments and uses, as well as a basic guide of who might find them most useful.

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You should look at Online therapy courses/therapists available, and study the leading offers so you can compare and contrast the services. There are now numerous online-only therapy coaches practising, and for these new types of therapists you’re only going to need a Skype account and you’re good to go. Again, research is the key. Choose a style of therapy and be prepared to then interview a few different therapists to find the right one.

I will just say that the free service available on the NHS has helped many thousands of people, and there is no need to spend your money on expensive therapists if you can talk to your GP about the need for a referral. However, different people need different approaches and some may prefer the other options I’ve mentioned throughout this article.

Overall, there’s one important factor to bear in mind. In the question of ‘when should I ask for help?’, the answer is always ‘just as soon as you’re able to do so’. The sooner you speak up and seek someone out to help you, the quicker you’re going to be starting on that road to recovery. For most anxiety and/or depression sufferers, that’s a very long road indeed but the further you travel along it the easier your daily life will get.

There’s no need to suffer in silence, nor to suffer alone, nor actually to suffer at all. Ask for help. Speak up. Tell someone you’re struggling and need assistance. Research treatment options on the internet. If you know anyone else who’s had treatment, ask them about how they managed to first ask for help and then begin to get treatment. You are in control of your future, and there are a lot of options available to you to help you achieve what you deserve. Remember, everyone’s different: no matter what someone else has done, you should choose the treatment option which feels most comfortable to you. And above all, remember this. Many others have stood where you now stand. Take that brave step of asking for help, and suddenly the journey you’re on will not feel so overwhelming as you begin to realise you’re not travelling alone after all.

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